Julielynn Wong, 3D4MD

Julielynn Wong of 3D4MD

Dr. Julielynn Wong is a Harvard-educated physician-scientist, innovator, and educator whose life’s passion is to take technology to the extreme to benefit the world.

She founded Medical Makers (www.medicalmakers.org), a program to inspire, educate, and empower a global community of innovators, patients, and healthcare providers to make sustainable solutions that save lives, time, and money.




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Presentation: Might a Doctor’s Bag be a 3D Printer?
What would you make with a Star Trek Replicator?  3D printing pioneer Dr. Julielynn Wong shares her inspiring stories on using 3D printers to make affordable medical supplies.  She explains how crowdsourcing 3D designs can lead to innovative humanitarian solutions that can impact over 1 billion lives.