James Janeteas, Cimetrix Solutions

James-Janeteas, CEO of Cimetrix

James Janeteas is the founder and President of Cimetrix Solutions.  For the past 30 years, James has been engaged  in the design, engineering and manufacturing sectors within a variety of verticals – consumer products, medical devices, automotive and aerospace to name a few.  With his comprehensive manufacturing background, James is an Additive Manufacturing industry authority, providing recommendations on how to best leverage Additive Manufacturing to dramatically impact business processes.


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Presentation: 3D Printing for Improved Planning and Patient Outcomes
Innovative hospitals utilize 3D printing to enhance clinical preparedness, dramatically improving patient outcomes.  Whether creating educational anatomical models or preparing for the most challenging cases, physicians utilize 3D printing to translate patient scans into physical models leveraged for numerous applications. Using real patient data, these multi-material 3D printed medical models simulate numerous tissue types in a single, patient-specific print, effectively demonstrating target pathology characteristics by including all features necessary to convey key concepts. With boundless applications, including clinical education to surgical planning preparation, and simulation, 3D Printing is revolutionizing traditional clinical practices.